Next Big Anime Genre: Forecasting 2024’s Trending Territories

Next Big Anime Genre: Forecasting 2024’s Trending Territories

Anime’s kaleidoscope of genres keeps audiences constantly captivated, with established titans like shonen and isekai sharing the stage with rising stars like BL and iyashikei. But what lies beyond the horizon in 2024? Let’s explore the up-and-coming avenues, hidden in trends and niche preferences, that have the potential to become the next big anime genre:

1. Eco-Fantasy: As environmental concerns escalate, expect a surge in stories woven with themes of ecological balance and conservation. Imagine sprawling narratives centered around protecting threatened ecosystems, harnessing renewable energies through fantastical means, or exploring the consequences of environmental neglect. Think Studio Ghibli’s enchanting spirit intertwined with the thrilling action of Attack on Titan, and you’ll get a glimpse of this genre’s potential.

2. Cyberpunk Redux: The classic cyberpunk blend of neon-drenched dystopias and gritty tech noir seems ripe for a revival. With advancements in AI and digitalization fuelling anxieties, anime could offer a nuanced exploration of these issues. Expect stories questioning the ethics of cyborg augmentation, battling megacorporations for digital freedom, or navigating the blurred lines between humanity and technology. Imagine Ghost in the Shell meets Black Mirror, and you’ll understand the thrilling possibilities.

3. Slice-of-Life Delights: While grand adventures draw us in, audiences are increasingly gravitating towards the comfort of slower-paced, character-driven narratives. Expect a rise in shows focusing on everyday activities, heartwarming relationships, and personal growth. Imagine the charming simplicity of Non Non Biyori blended with the relatable struggles of K-On!, and you’ll see the appeal of this slice-of-life revival.

4. Historical Fusion: Anime has always played with historical settings, but blending them with fantastical elements could be the next big thing. Imagine samurai wielding magical blades, Victorian detectives chasing mythical creatures, or ancient warriors battling steampunk robots. This genre can offer a fresh perspective on familiar periods, drawing inspiration from historical accuracy while adding fantastical twists. Think Spirited Away meets The Chronicles of Narnia, and you’ll get the picture.

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5. LGBTQ+ Representation: While significant strides have been made in queer representation in anime, there’s still room for further exploration. Look for stories tackling coming-of-age narratives within LGBTQ+ communities, showcasing diverse relationships and identities, and challenging societal norms with nuanced storytelling. Imagine Yuri on Ice! evolving into a series that delves deeper into the complexities of LGBTQ+ experiences, and you’ll see the potential for impactful narratives.

Remember, these are just a few predictions based on current trends and audience preferences. The beauty of anime lies in its constant evolution, with unexpected gems emerging from niche corners and pushing the boundaries of imagination. So, keep an open mind, explore beyond the familiar, and be ready to be surprised by the next big anime genre that takes the world by storm in 2024.