Discovering Mol in Baldur’s Gate 3

Discovering Mol in Baldur’s Gate 3

Initiating the quest to locate Mol within Baldur’s Gate 3 initiates with a prompt suggesting the possibility of finding her in either the Moorise Towers or the Mind Flayer Colony, where she is known to frequent. However, despite these indications, the NPC will elude discovery in these locales, requiring patience until Act 3 commences before encountering her once again.

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As Act 3 commences, a journey to Guildhall beckons after unlocking access to the city of Baldur’s Gate. Navigating your way to Guildhall and reaching Mol involves the following steps:

  1. Begin by heading to the Baldur’s Gate city Gate Waypoint. Proceed east of the Glitter Gala, where a discernible Manhole becomes apparent.
  2. Upon entering the Manhole, traverse into the sewers, ultimately leading to a chamber laden with Noxious Fumes. It is imperative to avoid any form of ignition within this space. Engage the lever positioned within the room, subsequently dispelling the fumes.
  3. Notice the aperture above the contraption, interact with it, and embark upon a path that culminates in a door opening into the region that serves as an entryway to the Guildhall.
  4. Upon arrival in the vicinity, direct your course toward Basilisk Gate Barracks situated in the northeast corner of the Lower City. The presence of a Prison Entrance is apparent here. Descend through the Pit Latrine, re-enter the sewers, and locate another chamber permeated by fumes. Engage the lever anew to disperse the fumes. Proceed through the aperture and advance toward the beach positioned to the west of the South Span checkpoint.
  5. Lend assistance to the Guild present in this area. Proceed northeast from the Heapside Strand Waypoint located within the Lower City.
  6. Spot an Orc positioned at coordinates X:55, Y:-102. Engaging in dialogue with the Orc affords access to the Guildhall. Engage with the button on the wall adjacent to the Orc and insert a specific ring. This ring is obtainable within the building proximate to the Guildhall.
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With these steps accomplished, entrance to the Guildhall is secured, providing the opportunity to encounter Mol within Baldur’s Gate 3. For those seeking precise coordinates to locate the Tiefling, they can be pinpointed at X:-11, Y:751.