Gaming livestreams has been on the rise with the number of gamers on the rise with each passing day. The Internet connectivity and innovation in games are other factors which are playing pivotal role in the increase in gaming livestreams.

There are many livestream platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and others, which are actively contributing a significant role in the livestream. Among those names, Booyah App is one such eGaming livestream platform which is a source of various livestreams of various egames and short videos.

What is Booyah App Live?

Booyah App

Booyah App Live is an eGaming livestream platform and is a community platform which is especially designed for gaming enthusiasts. Powered by Garena, Booyah Live offers enjoyable short gaming videos generated by its’ users. With Booyah! Live, gamers are able to livestream to major streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.

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Garena developers itself launched a booyah app for players to broadcast their gameplay live. The developers keep on adding events through which you can earn free diamonds. These events include watching streams and rewarding the streamers with gifts. The Booyah! Live is a free app where users can stream live play of their games and can chat with other people.

How to Get Diamonds in Booyah App?

In order to earn diamonds in Booyah app, all you need to download the Booyah app and link your free fire account with it. After you login Booyah! Live, you can collect Booyah tickets and buy gifts with those booyah tickets. You can reward the streamer with a ticket at Booyah! Live and upon spending 500 Booyah tickets at Booyah app, you can earn 10 diamonds for in-game items at booyah app.

The Booyah app time to time offers several in app options like simply watching video clips using the Booyah app for a minimum of 10 minutes and earn diamonds through booyah app.

The Booyah users can also complete tasks to earn rewards. The Booyah app offers two types of tasks, Daily and Limited – Time tasks. While you are using Booyah! Live, make sure to finish these tasks before they disappear. The users of Booyah app can be rewarded with the below:

  • MP40 Sneaky Clown Gun Box
  • 10 Diamonds
  • 50 Booyah Tickets

However, the options and rewards keep on changing in the Booyah! Live App, and by the time you are using this Booyah app after reading this article, the above mentioned rewards are not being offered.

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Can we get Diamonds from Booyah App?

Yes, you can get diamonds from Booyah App. You can utilize very well to earn diamonds in Booyah App.

How to Get Diamonds in Booyah App through Poll Pay?

There is also another way to earn diamonds in booyah app. Many Android users of Booyah app can use Poll Pay, GPT (Get Paid To) app to get diamonds in booyah app. In order to get diamonds in booyah app, all you need is to perform various tasks through this app which includes players surveys and quizzes. Players can win Garena Free Fire Diamonds in Booyah app through this app.

Use of Diamonds in Garena Free Fire

There are various uses of diamonds in Garena Free Fire which you have earned through Booyah App.

In Garena Free Fire, gamers need diamonds to buy several in game items like bundles, characters, pets, skins and several other such items. The diamonds which you have earned through Booyah App can come very handy in purchasing these Garena Free Fire items. While, some players use real money to buy these Garena Free Fire items, there are many who utilize Booyah App to earn diamonds in Booyah! and utilize those diamonds to purchase these in game items without spending even a single real money.

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Booyah! Live App Download

Check out Booyah! Live App download Links as below:

Booyah! Live App Android

Check out the link to download Booyah! Live App at Android

[appbox googleplay]

Booyah! Live App iPhone

Check out the link to download Booyah! Live App at iPhone

[appbox appstore booyah-live/id1437961903]

Booyah! Live App Login

Check out Booyah! Live App Login at . You can login at Booyah App through Facebook login, free fire login, Gmail login, vk login, line login and Apple Login. You can Booyah! Live App Login through any of the mentioned methods.

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