FFPL Redeem Codes 2022: Free Fire Pro League Winter Codes, Rewards, Participating Teams, Prize Money and Redeem Process

FFPL Winter 2021 (Free Fire Pro League) esports rewards, redeem code today, All Teams & Prize pool full details Available: Free Fire tournaments never end, exactly after the FFAC, Free fire Emea invitational FF Garena released the FFPL Winter schedule where India, Nepal pro teams as well as amateur teams will make it to the League Stage of the tournament. Check Final Top 18 Teams name, FFC Mode 6 qualifiers team, FFIC 12 Teams list, Prize money, Rewards, winning team and Final match date.

FFPL Redeem Codes Today/Free Fire Redeem Codes

Check out FFPL Redeem Codes Today/Free Fire as mentioned below:

Free Fire FFPL New Codes List/FF Redeem CodesRewards
FFPL72XC2SWE500K Live watching rewards
FFPLWHSYDQQM1x Triple Captain (NEW)
FFPLIWUWUNSHBonus 10 points (NEW)
FFPLOJEUFHSI1x Triple Captain power-up (NEW)
FFPLWIEDUSNH10x Bonus Points (NEW)
FFPLWERNSHLT1x Triple Captain power-up (NEW)
WJZD-J8HQ-RJAK1x Diamond Royale Voucher
53M9-55JG-4KTD2x Weapon Royale Voucher
TUJ9-Z4G8-Y7D41x Infiltrated Red Treatment Sniper Weapon Loot Crate
UHEV-KNBJ-CRFP3x Infiltrated Red Treatment Sniper Weapon Loot Crate
7BTQ-H3ZX-92AH1x Skull Punker (AWM) Weapon Loot Crate
SSUP-TVP3-HV9X1x Incubator Voucher

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FFPL 2021 Winter Tournament Overview

The Details of FFPL 2021 Winter Tournament is as mentioned below:

  • There will be no playing stage as opposed to the Free Fire Indian championship FFIC.
  • All 18 teams will be playing to secure their positions in the top 12.
  • The final match of the FFPL 2021 Winter Tournament will be played on 30th January 2022.
  • The 12 finalists will be invited through the direct invitation to play the FFPL 2021 Winter Tournament.
  • The rest 6 spots to be filled in to complete the 18 slots by the Free Fire Mode Open Qualifiers.

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Schedule of Free Fire Pro league 2021-2022

Check out the schedule of Free Fire Pro league 2021-2022 as mentioned below:

Esports Tournament NameFree Fire Pro League 2021 winter! (FFPL)
Total Prize Pool₹35,00,000 INR ($47,631 USD)
Total Playing Teams18
Selection Process12 Teams from FFIC finalists 6 Teams from FFC Mode Open Qualifiers
Online Registration last date24th December 2021
FFC Mode Open qualifiers dates24th December, from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
League Stage dates8th Jan to 23rd Jan 2022
Grand Finals30th Jan 2022
Watch Live streamingYouTube Facebook Booyah App Live

Free Fire Pro League Stage Schedule

Check out the Free Fire Pro League Stage Schedule as mentioned below:

FFPL Match DayDates
1Sat, 8th Jan 2022
2Sun, 9th Jan 2022
3Sat, 15th Jan 2022
4Sun, 16th Jan 2022
5Sat, 22nd Jan 2022
6Sun, 30th Jan 2022

You can watch league stage and FFC Match live on Boyaah live, Facebook and YouTube. Also, while watching you can win exclusive rewards for free.

The match schedule for these 18 teams as mentioned in the table will begin from 8th Jan 2022 and will end on 23rd Jan 2022. After the grand finale of FREE FIRE Pro League, the Free fire Redeem codes will be released on 30 January 2022.

As mentioned earlier, after 6 days of League Stage play from day 1 to day 6, the top 12 twelve from this lot make it to the Grand Finals of FFPL 2022. There will be no play-ins stage unlike FFICs.

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Free Fire Pro League Prize Pool winter!

The rewards for the winners of FFPL India tournament will be huge. In a more recent activity, Free Fire Garena disclosed the FFPL Winter prize pool 2022 (the same as FFPL summer prize pool 2022). Check out the cash rewards of the team standings in this Free Fire Pro League 2021 winter:


FFPL Winter Final 18 Qualified Teams list

Check out the entire list of members who will be playing Free Fire Pro League 2021 winter which is to begin from 24th December 2021. Here’s the name of the teams participating in the Free Fire Pro League tournament 2022 winter league:

Teams from FFIC 2021 Fall

Here are the top 12 teams who will be playing the FFPL 2021 Winter from the FFIC 2021 Fall:

  • Orangutan
  • PVS Gaming
  • Total Gaming
  • DG (Desi Gamers)
  • Godlike Esports
  • Nigma Galaxy
  • TSM
  • Chemin Esports
  • Revenant Esports
  • Team iNSANE
  • Aura Esports IN (Gaming AURA)
  • Team Chaos

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FFC Teams participating in FFPL Winter 2021

Check out the teams who will be participating in FFPL Winter 2021 from FFC:

  • Team Tycoons
  • KM Brotherhood
  • Assassins Army Esports
  • Zero Degree
  • Surgyabhaixgmng Esports (Surya bhai)
  • Phantom Troupe

FFPL (Free Fire Pro League) Rewards 2021

There are various other rewards like free diamonds, skins, emote, characters and several other legendary items which will be offered through various FFPL redeem codes.

You can also watch the live stream of FFPL matched and FFC Match on booyah app or YouTube to collect these mentioned rewards.

There are several freebies items that you can expect from Garena Free Fire while you will be watching live FFPL (Free Fire Pro League)

FFPL/FFC Mode Live watching rewards released

FFAC GoalsFree Rewards
300k live watching rewards 3x Diamond Royale Voucher
400k live watching rewardsPet skin Spirit Fox: Battle Fox
500k live watching rewards1x Sky Crystal (Otho, Spirit Fox, AK – Flaming Red, Wiggle Walk (Emote))

FFC Mode Reward & redeem code 2022 today

FF Garena released the rewards for all FFC Participants and FF viewers.

Check out the list of free rewards that we can expect in this tournament during FFC Mode:

  • 3x Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Pet skin Spirit Fox: Battle Fox
  • 1x Sky Crystal

Free Fire Cup (Winter) Participants rewards

The FFC Mode participants will not be awarded with any sort of cash prize money, but will be rewarded with the following rewads as below:

  • Free Diamonds
  • Level 40
  • 2538 rank points

Way to Use Free Fire Pro League Winter 2021 Redeem code Today

The following are the steps as mentioned below for the redemption of Free Fire Pro League Winter 2021 Redeem code.

  1. Open the FF Garena official redemption page by clicking reward.ff.garena.com
  2. You can login through any of the following means like Facebook, Gmail, VK, Apple, Twitter or any other method as given for the login.
  3. Copy the FFC/ FFPL Redeem code
  4. Then enter/paste the redemption code on redeem code field
  5. Click on redeem button
  6. Your rewards will be instantly credited to your account

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