Garena Free Fire Characters Details and FAQs

Garena Free Fire was launched on 23rd August 2017, and it has been 4 years ever since. The Garena Free Fire became the most downloaded mobile game in the year 2019 on a global stage and was awarded for the “Best Popular Vote Game” by the Google Play Store in 2019.

The Garena Free Fire has been consistently updating its game with the introduction of several features, characters, pets and many more ever since the launch. Here are some of the queries and their replies related to Garena Free Fire. Check out the list:

Garena Free Fire Characters FAQs

How many Free Fire characters are there?

There are 42 main characters in Garena Free Fire, as per the reports from their official website.

Who are the characters in Free Fire?

The main characters in Garena Free Fire with their main abilities are mentioned as below:

  • A124 – Special ability: Thrill of Battle
  • Adam
  • Alok – Special ability: Drop the Beat
  • Alvaro – Special ability: Art of Demolition
  • Andrew – Special ability: Armor Specialist
  • Antonio – Special ability: Gangster’s Spirit
  • Caroline – Special ability: Agility
  • Chrono – Special Ability – Time Turner
  • Clu – Special ability: Tracing Steps
  • Dasha – Special Ability – Partying On
  • D-bee – Special Ability – Music Creator and Street Dancer
  • Dmitri – Special Ability – Sound Technical Engineer and Musician
  • Eve
  • Ford – Special ability: Iron Will
  • Hayato – Special ability: Bushido
  • Jai – Special ability: Raging Reload
  • Joseph – Special ability: Nutty Movement
  • Jota – Special ability: Sustained Raids
  • K – Special Ability – Master of All
  • Kapella – Special ability: Healing Song
  • Kelly – Special ability: Dash
  • Kla – Special ability: Muay Thai
  • Laura – Special ability: Sharp Shooter
  • Luqueta – Special ability: Hat Trick
  • Maxim – Special ability: Gluttony
  • Miguel – Special ability: Crazy Slayer
  • Misha – Special ability: Afterburner
  • Moco – Special ability: Hacker’s Eye
  • Nikita – Special ability: Firearms Expert
  • Notora – Special ability: Racer’s Blessing
  • Nulla
  • Olivia – Special ability: Healing Touch
  • Paloma – Special ability: Arms-dealing
  • Primis
  • Rafael – Special ability: Dead Silent
  • Shanni – Special ability: Gear Recycle
  • Shirou
  • Skyler
  • Steffie – Special ability: Painted Refuge
  • Thiva – Special ability: Vital Vibes
  • Wolfrahh – Special ability: Limelight
  • Wukong – Special ability: Camouflage
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How many Free Fire Pet characters are there?

There are 13 Pet Characters in Garena Free Fire.

Who are the Pet Characters in Free Fire?

Below mentioned are the pet characters with their abilities in Garena Free Fire:

  • Beaston – Special Ability: Helping Hand
  • Detective Panda – Special Ability: Panda’s Blessings
  • Falco – Special Ability: Skyline Spree
  • Kitty – Special Ability:
  • Mechanical Pup – Special Ability:
  • Mr. Waggor – Special Ability: Smooth Gloo
  • Night Panther – Special Ability: Weight Training
  • Ottero – Special Ability: Double Blubber
  • Poring – Special Ability: Stitch and Patch
  • Robo – Special Ability: Wall Enforcement
  • Rockie – Special Ability: Stay Chill
  • Shiba – Special Ability: Mushroom Sense
  • Spirit Fox – Special Ability: Well Fed

Which is best character in Free Fire?

It depends, but Alok is the most preferred character in Free Fire because of his ability of 5m Aura, which increases his team’s ability of movement and sprint. He has highly regarded ability to replenish HP. Also, his ability to improve speed is just another addition which makes it best character in Free Fire.

Who is the famous character in Garena free fire?

DJ Alok is the most famous character in Garena Free Fire, because of his abilities, as mentioned just above.

Who is first character in Free Fire?

The first character in Garena Free Fire were Nulla and Primis.  However, Andrew is the first character introduced with the special abilities in Free Fire.  

Who is the Weakest player in Free Fire?

Olivia is the weakest player in Free Fire at this moment. She is a nurse by profession who loves to care everyone who is near her and spread-out happiness.

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Who is A124 character in Free Fire?

A124 character in Free Fire is a robot. She is made with modern technology and has two states of mind; one that of a 18-year-old girl mode, while the other is a battle mode. She has a special ability ‘Thrill of Battle’ that allows her to convert a part of her EP into HP instantly.

Which is the latest entrant character in Garena Free Fire?

Thiva is the latest characters introduced in Garena Free Fire. Before him, Dmitri and D-bee were introduced in Garena Free Fire.

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