Cure Commando – Take The Infection Under Control With The Leading Game Developer 2022 Utah Tech Labs

“Game development can inject fun elements into any application or system, improve existing practices and identify new opportunities.” – Utah Tech Labs

Within a few past decades the video game trend has undergone a dramatic technological and cultural shift. This change is set to accelerate further, since the industry is heading towards taking a place of the presiding form of entertainment. New game development and design trends emerge every year, while video games are widely used also for educational and e-commerce purposes.

But the whole video gaming market share got an unexpected further boost during the COVID-19 pandemic and the competitiveness in the sector has grown significantly already in the first couple of months of the global quarantines. And only the game developers who know how to predict and recognize new trends, react, and implement them faster and better than their competitors, have a chance to emerge in the competition and show their names.

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The US-based Utah Tech Labs company is one of them. Their game development (it is one of the numerous services that the company offers) includes: creating and launching high-quality games for iOS, Android, Windows, desktop offering 3D, 2D, VR game design & development. The company focuses on envisioning, designing, and developing dynamic game interfaces, based on the interests of their audience.  From mobile games to games for advanced devices the company has proven itself to create craft interactive and engaging games.

The year 2020 Utah Tech Labs started with the introduction of their ultimate video game – CureCommando, which brings a new era of 3D arcades connected to the current interest in the infection preventive methods and control. Nowadays, in the continuing COVID-19 situation, people of all ages look for technology to connect them with the world beyond their windows.

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“When you are in a more positive place through games and laughter and connection, you see things from a broader perspective,” said Dr. Emma Seppälä, a Yale psychologist and author of “The Happiness Track.” And Utah Tech Labs specialists agree on that. The game is not only entertaining, but educational as well. Players need to keep an eye on public security and protect themselves and the others from the infection spread in various places like parks and other outdoor areas (stage 1), shopping malls (stage 2), amusement parks (stage 3) and streets (stage 4, the last and the most challenging one).

The main tasks in the game include saving the city from an unknown infection, upgrading the hospital, gathering bonuses, masking people up, unlocking different play stages and new checkpoints, routes, characters with every new level! And everything is accompanied by great graphics. The goals of the development process were to create an outstanding architectural, character and level designing, audio style, game interactivity and game mechanics which significantly contribute to the game experience of the end users. And the first players agree that the company managed to achieve their goal fantastically!

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Take the infection under control and save the city from iOS or Android.

CureCommando! Already available on Google Play:

[appbox googleplay com.UtahTechLabs.CureCommando]

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