Chemin Esports collaborates with Mountain Dew as its Official Beverage Partner

New Delhi, April 29, 2022: Following the recent collaboration with Rooter, Chemin Esports, one of India’s leading esports organizations has announced a brand-new collaboration with Mountain Dew which comes on board as the official beverage partner of Chemin Esports. The rapid interest in the company is reflective of its growing significance in the esports domain and a testimony to its success in esports events. Mountain Dew is one of the leading global beverage brands in India and is widely recognized for its adventure-led positioning. The company has a significant interest in esports with its extremely popular Dew Arena.


Esports caters to a large audience, especially the young Gen Z. The Gen Z audience prefers to consume niche content that is in tune with their interest. Esports organisations have been successful in attracting and engaging them. This has become one of the key reasons for Brands like Mountain Dew and others to further enhance their interest in Esports companies.

Ishan Verma, Founder, and Director of Chemin Esports, said “While the Indian Esports industry is relatively new, the industry has seen a rapid rise even in the pandemic period. With Asian Games and Commonwealth Games scheduled later this year, 2022 will be an important year for the Indian Esports community. The interest of major brands will propel the industry into the next orbit and therefore we are delighted to find a partner like Mountain Dew who truly understands Esports. This is a major boost for Chemin and validates all our hard work. This further gives a boost to our teams’ confidence and another reason to perform consistently.”

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“As a brand, Mountain Dew has always been at the forefront of bringing in consumer experiences that have celebrated emerging youth trends and youth platforms. We are delighted to partner with Chemin Esports, as their Official Beverage Partner to further encourage participation in gaming which is a major consumer passion. Our approach with gaming/esports has always been around helping elevate the gaming experience and engage with our consumers through relevant partnerships at the same time.” – Vineet Sharma, Category Director- Mountain Dew & Sting, PepsiCo India

Chemin Esports is one of the fastest-growing Esports organisations in India, and the company aims to create a platform for brands to reach out to the growing audience in the gaming world. Currently, India has 500 Million+ Gamers and Sports Fans. While brands want to reach out to the audience, Chemin’s vision together with brands will be to grow the Esports industry in India.

The Indian Esports industry is very young, and the interest of larger brands like Mountain Dew in Indian companies can boost the process of attracting an audience nationally and from the international markets. As more opportunities evolves for Indian Esports companies to debut among the global level competition, larger brands would take keen interest to invest among the Indian Esports companies.

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About Chemin esports

Established in 2020, Chemin esports has been built around making and training different rosters of teams across various Games at different platforms. Chemin esports also acts as a Talent Incubator and helps budding esports athletes and aspiring content creators in the field of gaming.

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Chemin esports currently have two Esports Rosters namely Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Free Fire. Both the rosters have been giving outstanding performances in their respective games. Free Fire Team recently won the Free Fire Pro League 2021 India. BGMI team has also recently won the Sky eSports Pro League 2022.

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