eSports Players Welfare Association launched in India

As per the data available through EY, the craze of egames is going to rise further in India and by the year 2025, the number of gamers in the country is going to touch the magic number to 1.5 million. By the same year, the number of team counts is expected to rise to 250000.

Thus, with the aim to safeguard gamers’ rights, ‘eSports Players Welfare Association’ launched in India.

How is esports shaping up around the world?

Esports is currently a hotcake in the world and with the estimated audience of 474 million, the egames is the fastest growing sports across the world. To add an event in the support of this growth, egames will get featured in the Asian Games 2022 medal event of Hangzhou. Also, it has been a nod that egames will a place in the Olympics in the very future editions of Olympics.

India is seeing a very healthy growth of egamers and with the current count of 150000 players and around 60k teams, the numbers are increasing very rapidly. As mentioned, this number will touch 1.5 million teams and 2500000 players by the year 2025.

What is eSports Players Welfare Association?

The eSports Players Welfare Association or EPWA, is a non-profit association which has been created to protect the gamers and provide them with the professional, legal and contractual rights in a well safeguarded manner. The aim of eSports Players Welfare Association is to ensure that the gamers have a fair backing in the country.

How does eSports Players Welfare Association works?

Amar Ratnam, who is an ex-pro gamer has been appointed as the bridging gap between the egames industry and players. The eSports Players Welfare Association visions to the guardian in the country to protect the rights of the gamers or esports players. Offering assistance to the esport gamers, the CEO and Founder of eSports Players Welfare Association, Ritesh Nath said that since the future of esports is very bright in the country, well supported by the 4G and the interest in mobile gaming; the players need a professional governance and structure. With the need of the professional governance and structure, the eSports Players Welfare Association is being founded.

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There has been an increase in the need to provide the gamers with their rights to ensure that the esports are being taken seriously to earn a living and thus the association will ensure that the policies are being formed and esports industry is well nourished.

The main priority of eSports Players Welfare Association is to address the concerns of the gamers in relation to the legal obligations and contracts. The eSports Players Welfare Association will also work towards spreading awareness about the egames industry in India and the rules and regulations in India and at the world level.

What support can eSports Players Welfare Association offer?

Those enrolled at eSports Players Welfare Association will be well supported and their concerns will be addressed. Those players who will get them enrolled, will get the following services:

Legal Advice

Since, the Professional and amateur eSports gamers are bound with the teams, sponsors and tournaments contracts, the aim of eSports Players Welfare Association aims to offer legal advice to these players in order to ensure that the players aren’t being exploited.


The eSports Players Welfare Association ensures that the contracts being offered to the esports gamers are well in place and review and raises flags in team contracts, tournament contracts and sponsorships, etc.

Career Advice

The eSports Players Welfare Association also offer career advices to the interested egamers and help them equip them with the needed tools to achieve their aim in the esports industry.

Resolution of Disputes

Another wing in which the eSports Players Welfare Association works is towards the resolution of disputes. The eSports Players Welfare Association offer a helping hand in the circumstances when the players encounter a dispute in the contractual obligations. The association aims to guide the players in the best way so that they can move forward on their own or through 3rd party legal party.

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Community Building

The EPWA aims to build a well-established community of esports players in India, where the players can exchange their ideas. Through this community of egamers, the association aims to build a place where the unified voice for egames can be raised aloud in India.

How to be a part of EPWA?

The eSports Players Welfare Association works on a membership. All you need is to sign up on the official website of eSports Players Welfare Association and avail all of the above-mentioned services.  

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