If you are involved in the world of gaming, the options are endless! The Gaming industry is such a vast industry and an ever-increasing industry, that the options for the video games will never end for the game lovers.

With so many games in the world, from role playing games, to various genres like Sandbox

Real-time strategy, Shooters, Multiplayer online battle arena, Role-playing, Simulation and sports, Puzzlers and party games, Action-adventure, Survival and horror Platformer; there’s no end to the virtual world of gaming.

Thus, one can’t afford to buy each and every game and try their hands on. This is where Online Video Game rental platforms come into play. With lots of game rental platforms available in the market, the game lovers would find lots of options to rent their favorite games at the best rates. Let’s check out one such game rental platform ‘Gamefly’ which has the huge collection of games and movies to rent.

Here’s the Gamefly review as below:

What is Gamefly?

Gamefly is a game rental platform which lets you take video games and movies on rent through the mail. With the huge collection of the video games and movies, the Gamefly offers a wide range of games and movies belonging from the classic range to the most recent ones. The Gamefly along with video games and movies, also rent out Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, 4K UHD, BLU-RAY, DVD and more.

Also, the Gamefly now sells new consoles, controllers, games, collectibles and accessories from a wide range of library available at their disposal.

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Gamefly Video

Gamefly Features

Let’s check out Gamefly Features as below:

  • Thousands of video games and movies to choose from
  • No late fees
  • Cancel anytime feature
  • Free Shipping
  • Swap Games anytime
  • Option to keep the games with you at discount
  • New Video Games availability
  • Used Video Games availability
  • Rent out Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, 4K UHD, BLU-RAY, DVD and more.
  • Also sell new consoles, controllers, games, collectibles and accessories.
  • Also sell used console games.
  • Free Trial available
Video Game Rentals Delivered

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Gamefly Pricing

The Gamefly pricing details is available as below:

  • FREE 30-day trial membership.
  • 3-month introductory rate for 1 game or movie out at a time starting at $9+tax/month
  • 3-month introductory rate for 2 games or movies out at a time starting at $14+tax/month

After the free trial at Gamefly or 3-month introductory rate expires, the users will be charged with the following monthly rates.

Existing Members: If you want to change the number of titles you can have out at a time, you have the pricing plans as below to select from:

     •     1-Disc Plan – One game/movie out at a time for $15.95 plus tax/month

     •     2-Disc Plan – Two games/movies out at a time for $22.95 plus tax/month which is considered as among the most popular plans.

The existing member will be upgraded and may see an upgraded notification on their account, once their cross the threshold member timeframe of 2 months. If the existing member is eligible, the below options are available to choose from under the expanded plans:

     •     3-Disc Plan – Three games/movies out at a time for $29.95 plus tax/month

     •     4-Disc Plan – Four games/movies out at a time for $36.95 plus tax/month

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Gamefly FAQs

Below are some Gamefly FAQs:

Is Gamefly trusted?

Yes, the Gamefly is among the best game rental platform in USA which has the huge fanbase and is very much trusted.

Does Gamefly offer free trial?

Yes, Gamefly offers free trial of 30 days.

Does Gamefly offer Movies Collection to rent?

Yes, Gamefly offer movies collection to rent from its library. With different options like Blu-ray and DVDs, the Gamefly has several movie rental plans.

Can I change my billing date at Gamefly?

No, once you signup for the membership at Gamefly, the date of the billing is set automatically. You cannot change the billing date.

What If I had already a free trial in the past at Gamefly?

No, you cannot avail the free trial again at Gamefly. Free Trials are available for new members and is limited to one per household.

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Gamefly Alternatives

Let’s explore the Gamefly Alternatives as below:

The options for renting games are very limited as several game renting platforms have either switched their operations or have been shut down and thus Gamefly Alternatives are very limited, when you watch closely on the options of renting video games just like Gamefly. Thus, the proper Gamefly alternatives are very limited. However, various other alternatives just like Gamefly which deals in video games in one way or the other, are as below:

Other Gamefly Alternatives

  • PlayStation Store
  • Epic
  • GamesRoblox
  • Origin
  • G2A
  • Humble Bundle
  • Cdkeys
  • Riot Games
  • Inked Gaming
  • Frontier Dev UK
  • PlayerAuctions
  • Tickets at Work
  • HRK
  • EB Games
  • War Thunder WW
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Gamesmen
  • Ubisoft Store
  • Razer Gold Partner
  • Micromania

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Gamefly Signup and Login

You can visit Gamefly at https://www.gamefly.com/

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