How to Choose a Mobile Game Development Company in 2022?

Mobile Game Development Process

These days, people want to get into the mobile gaming industry as they can see the companies achieving billions of dollars of revenue. The reason behind this boom is understood:

  1. Growing technology offers a great experience to gamers.
  2. COVID pandemic and the lockdowns caused due to it pushed a large number of people to get entertained using digital sources, and gaming tops that chart.

So to get started and join the mobile gaming market, you must hire a mobile game development company. And to do that, you must acquire some basic knowledge regarding the mobile game development process.

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The Process of Mobile Game Development

Game development is often a long-term and big-budget process. It takes a team of skilled engineers, designers, and developers to achieve the desired results.

The development process is divided into three stages:

  • Pre-Development
  • Development
  • Post-Development


This is the initial stage of mobile game development where you start the groundwork or can also name it level 0.

You need to conduct the paperwork, theory work, designing, brainstorming, budget setting, etc. stuff here at this stage.

Now, what do you think about how you do these things? How should the groundwork be done while hiring a mobile game development company?

You must have a picture of your game in your mind, right?

Based on that picture, you will set the budget, game type, design work, etc., after having a proper discussion with your team.

There are many types of mobile games, and each has its own specific development process. For instance, there are:

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Mid-Level Games – small games that don’t require much time, budget, or a big team.

High-Level Games – big games require a decent budget, time, and team.

AAA Games – ultra big games require a massive budget, time, machinery, & lots of talented people.

Real Money Games – these mobile games involve money, fantasy sports games, and gambling games like poker fall into this category. 

RPGs (Role Playing Games) – are the highest kinds of games – if you plan to make such a big game, you don’t need to read this article – go talk to experts. Assassin Creed, The Witcher, and GTA are such games. These games need millions of dollars of budget, multiple studios, and hundreds of skilled people on the team.

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The implementation stage. Once the groundwork or paperwork is done – it is time to execute the same.

How is the execution done?

The mobile game app development company now calls the team to get set on the systems and go. Below are the processes that need to be worked out.

Native Development

The platform-wise development is called native development. Every platform – be it android or iOS, requires unique coding. So whatever the game platform your game is for – the coding is done accordingly.

UX/UI Design

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) – the game feel and type are set up here.

Backend Development

The primary part of coding is where all the data is developed and stored.

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The other things that take place in this stage are:

  • Project Management
  • Web Development & App Development
  • Testing & Quality Assurance

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Once the development is done, the game is now all set to get tested. All kinds of testing need to be done before you are ready to launch the game. 

The game testing to find any flaws or the code testing to check for bugs.

Once the game is tested, you can start working on the marketing, launching, and distribution segments.

Some companies market the game, some launch, and some do everything – it is up to you which one to hire.

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The Team

How your team is can make or break your game. Every member should be dedicated & skilled – and willing to make a great game. The following people you need:

  • 3D and 2D Artists & Illustrators
  • Sound and Music Effects Specialist
  • Writers and Voice-Over Artists
  • Front & Back-End Developer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Android/iOS Developer
  • Game Programmers
  • Business Analyst
  • Product Managers for Development & Release Management
  • VR/AR/AI Specialists
  • Quality Assurance and Testing Professionals

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How to Pick a Mobile Game Development Company? 

There are many ways to pick an excellent game development company – check below:

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Check the Company’s Portfolio

Don’t trust words, but check the work and make up your mind. Every other game developer claims to be the best game developer. But in most cases, the reality is far from true. The best way is to do some research before hiring the company – check the work, and speak with the clients if needed (don’t trust the testimonials).

Recruit a Team via an Agency

Recruiting via an agency gives you a few advantages; however, it is also a bit costly most of the time.

The advantages:

  • Save you time.
  • May give you skilled developers.
  • There is somebody to blame if the game flops.
  • The replacements are quick.

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Hire via Internet

There are many sites on the internet today providing teams or individuals. Sites like Freelancer and LinkedIn can get you the game developers.

Hire Private Mobile Game Development Companies

Today, there are more than a million game development companies globally. You can check the sites, talk to them, tell them the requirements, and get the deal done. Some mobile game development companies like BR Softech build, launch, market, and distribute the game. All in one!

Summing Up

Today, it is easy to hire a mobile game development company – what is hard is to plan a good game. Come up with a unique concept, and the rest of the things will happen smoothly.

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