How To Make A Multiplayer Game In Unity For Android? 

Do you want to do Multiplayer Game development for android? What the heck are you thinking? It’s hard to do these things! As far as game development is concerned, few things drive a developer more crazy than multiplayer: testing, debugging, bugs that are difficult to reproduce — until, of course, you demo your game for the press — and flaky network connections can still cause your code to fail even when everything is working correctly.

Multiplayer game development in unity is worth the effort even though they are challenging. Neither trash-talking an AI will be as enjoyable as trash-talking your friends, no matter how clever it is. 

What Are Multiplayer Games And How Do They Work?

The concept of Multiplayer Game development for android refers to video games that allow multiple players to play the same game simultaneously. Specifically, the same exact area, not just the same game. While all players are experiencing events in real-time simultaneously on the same server, level, or game, they are experiencing them at different times.

In addition to competitive multiplayer, the game offers a wide variety of other game modes. By playing the same story missions together, you can help each other through some seriously tough situations in Left 4 Dead’s cooperative mode. The basic idea of Multiplayer Game development for android should be understood after knowing the basics. 

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Develop An Android Multi-Player Game

multiplayer game development has a significant chance of gaining a large user base. A large number of players is usually required for multi-player games, and they can flourish with a large number of players. At the moment, multi-player games that have a large number of users generate the most revenue.

However, creating a multiplayer Android game that can generate a lot of revenue and users is a challenge. A multiplayer game will require more time and money to develop. In addition to creating robust networks, you will have to create user acquisition strategies in order to find the right players. 

Nevertheless, before you begin all this, you need to create an Android multi-player game that is first and foremost good.  

There are many mistakes you can make while developing an Android multi-player game, which can derail the development of your game.

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How to Create a Multiplayer Game in Unity? 

Design is The First Step in the Process

During the design phase, you must decide which multi-player features to include in your game. Multiplayer mobile games usually fall into two categories: Complete Multiplayer Games and Single-Player Games with Multiplayer Features. 

Complete Multiplayer Games are games where all gameplay is multiplayer. The game will not offer any gameplay elements that can be enjoyed by players on their own. 

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As opposed to this, Single-Player Games with Multiplayer Features are games whose main gameplay is single-player. As a separate game mode, multi-player is usually available in such games.

You must craft the multi-player experience with care for both types of multi-player games. It is useful to ask yourself a series of questions in order to accomplish this. 

Is it a good idea to rank players according to their skill level in your game? Is it necessary for your game to have a system of matching players with similar skill levels?  

Your game’s multi-player features will benefit from the answers to questions such as these. The best Android multi-player games are developed by considering your Android multi-player game carefully during the design phase. 

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Choosing the Right Game Engine is the Second Step

Developing multiplayer Android games has become easier thanks to today’s advanced game engines. You will also have a large impact on the quality of your game by choosing a good game engine.

For game development, Unity, Unreal, and Cocos Creator are some of the best engines. PlayCanvas, PixiJS, and Three.JS are HTML5 and JavaScript-based alternatives.

It is important to note that each of these game engines has its own advantages and disadvantages. Your project’s requirements, budget, and technical expertise will determine the best game engine for your multi-player game. 

Many Android and iOS game developers prefer Unity because it has various features that make their jobs easier.
Compare each engine’s features and select the one that meets your needs. Picking the right game engine will be easy once you determine your requirements. 

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The Third Step Is To Choose The Right Network Technologies  

The quality of your multi-player game depends on the quality of your multiplayer network. Players will leave your game if they are constantly disconnected from the game and are unable to finish matches. 

You should therefore ensure that the multi-player network of your game is strong. Multiplayer networks must have the following characteristics:

  1.  have a fast data transmission capability,
  2.  be secure, 
  3. A minimum amount of downtime should be experienced, and 
  4.  Suitable for handling many users simultaneously. 

Multiplayer networks with such features can be created with network tools. The network tool market is currently dominated by several tools. One example is Photon, which works with Unity Multi-Player, SmartFoxServer, GameSparks, and Nakama. 

The pros and cons of each network tool are similar to those of game engines. It is therefore important that you carefully assess and analyze your options before making a decision.  

The Fourth Step Is To Prototype Your Game Before Developing It  

Prototyping allows you to determine whether your game’s central idea or concept is feasible. In order to develop Android multi-player games successfully, it is important to determine feasibility as early as possible.

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Make a basic prototype for your Android multi-player game before you begin the detailed development process. Use placeholder art instead of elaborate game art in this prototype and only include the basic mechanics. 

The prototype will then be tested. The experience should be fun if there are elements in the game that make it so. With confidence, go ahead and develop your Android multiplayer game if it has these features. 

The idea can either be iterated or discarded if it is not. 

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The Fifth Step Is To Begin Developing  

The Multiplayer game development company of your game can begin once your prototype is complete. It is possible to create artwork, and animation, program the game logic, set up the servers, and so on as part of developing an Android multiplayer game. 

Your own game may be revealed to you during this stage. At first, you might believe things would work, but they don’t. Meanwhile, the things you thought would work out didn’t.

The Sixth Step Is To Test Your Game Until It Is Perfect  

As soon as you have finished developing your game, you must test it. Your game should be tested for compatibility, multi-player capabilities, etc. 

Prior to its official release, your Multiplayer game development for mobiles can be released for beta testing once the internal testing is complete.   

Most game developers nowadays do beta testing because it is impossible for them to find bugs and errors in Multiplayer game development for mobiles, no matter how carefully they test their game. Because your testers cannot test your game on every device, your game might not be compatible with certain devices. Before releasing your game, you can find out if there are any issues by beta testing it.  

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Multiplayer Game Development: What are the Key Factors?

When developing a multiplayer game, there are always trade-offs to consider for a multiplayer game development company. Before developing your multiplayer experience, you must understand the game’s goals for each component. Take a look at all the key factors involved in the development of multiplayer games, however.

  • Latency tolerance

It is possible that network latencies are affected by the distance between networks and the performance of the networks along the transmission channels.

Different kinds of games have different requirements for how quickly they must move, so they must determine how much network latency they can tolerate.

  • Players per session,

It takes a lot of effort to make single-player games work smoothly and be enjoyable for a single player, but how do you determine how many players your game can handle? Client-server architecture allows for more simultaneous connections due to the network model, which limits connections technically.

  • Simulated synchronisation scale
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There is no problem with some elements of the simulation being out of sync among all players if those elements aren’t critical to the game’s success. Dedicated server workstations and player devices have limited resources, so this optimization is necessary.

  • Accuracy

Every system involved in calculating the world stage and its actors is affected by the requirements of your game. These tasks will require more resources and a larger memory footprint if you want more precise results.

Multiplayer server performance is influenced by precision as well as the overhead of your network footprint.

  • The cost

It is important to consider many factors when choosing the correct model for your game and player base. Oftentimes, indie developers opt for serverless alternatives to cut expenses, but keep an eye out for lock-ins

The game’s earning potential could be limited due to greater cheating.

When selecting which services to utilise to improve connectivity, server capacity, and latency, keep in mind that many providers charge based on concurrent peak users.

  • Complexity of developers

Multi-player development can be challenging because of the complexity of the different network models, the number of players, and the range of latency.

While there are solutions for these problems, not all of them are easy to use or understand, which is why studios should do a thorough assessment of everything first to avoid the need for networking specialists later.

  • Mitigation of cheating

You may find some gamers may try to interfere with network traffic when you get them together to play. It is wrong, however, to cheat the system, or merely create chaos for the sake of gaining an unfair advantage. It is important to counter these cheating actions with mitigation capabilities in order to protect your game’s reputation.

Clients’ local machines will ultimately be compromised. Hence, it is recommended to use non-client hardware for games that are prone to cheating.

Top 10 Best Online Multiplayer Games for Android

  1. 3D Adventure Quest
  2. Among Us
  3. Asphalt 9: Legends
  4. Call of Duty: Mobile
  5. Crossy Road
  6. PUBG
  7. Legends of Runeterra
  8. Minecraft
  9. Old School RuneScape
  10. Pokemon Go

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We outline in this article a simplified overview of how to develop Multiplayer Game development in Unity. Multiplayer Game development in Unity, however, requires a more complex development process. 

However, developers still release Android multi-player games despite the complexity since they generate the most significant profits in the gaming industry. You can design customized games that will become viral sensations with the help of their team of seasoned game developers.

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