I Am Not An Esports Player, I Want to Educate India about Esports Exclusive interview with  Weareone learning Founder- Saurabh Meena  

Nowadays teenagers are fascinated by esports. There are thousands of people who are doing very well in esports. If you want to make your career in esports then you do not need to invest money are thousands of hours. You just need dedication towards your goals.

Today we will share a story about an esports entrepreneur who changes his career from corporate to esports.

Saurabh Meena is an entrepreneur who has been working since 2018 in corporate. He had completed his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Poornima Group of Institutions Jaipur. He started his career as an author with NotionPress Publishing house when he was in the 3rd year of his bachelor’s degree and published 3 books in one year. One is “you are always in heart, why should engineering” and “One in a million creative ideas” and a delegated member of Jaipur literature festival 2019 (Rajasthan’s Biggest Literature festival).

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After his graduation, he went back to his hometown and started his startup by the name

“Kalyani Consultancy Services” where they used to consult for training and development, human resources, interior design, website design, software development, loan assistance, and many more at the single roof. In 2018 “Kalyani” was in Top 10 Startups of Rajasthan by announced startup India. In two years he learns about the fundamentals of business and startup. 

In these two years, he also consults startups like Chetan Security Services, Yantravat enterprises, Kacholi’s, Sharda enterprises, etc. 

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In October 2019 “Kalyani” was acquired by DMCC Infra Private limited for 2 Million INR. After this acqization. He went back to Jaipur to learn more about corporate and improve his skills and joined ImaginXP.

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At ImaginXP he joined as a User experience evangelist but after 6 months got responsibilities of University SPOC. Here he learns more about User Experience Design and the fundamentals of ed-tech sales. After one year he again started his own India’s first One-year management training institution. Clearsem Education raised 1 MIllion of funding from the local venture capitals.

After successfully developing a self-successful business he started working with Br Softech private limited as a Creative Writter to improve his writing skill.

He handed over the business to the management and board of directors in November 2021 and started his own Esports platform WER1 Esports.

Where players can join teams and learn about esports. In his leadership Wer1 grow faster and they had 20+ key players in his core team. All players are from pan India. They are doing very well.

Our team of experts discuss with him and ask a few questions about his career, here we are sharing

Recently WE ARE ONE ESPORTS launch their mobile application over play store by the name of We are one learning, that is India’s first esports learning platform. 

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About We Are One Esports learning app 

We Are One’s ultimate goal is to transform esports education in India by providing cost-effective, easily accessible, and informative courses for esports enthusiasts to help them achieve a successful esports career in India. We understand the potential of esports in India and the growing demand for skilled and trained esports professionals. Hence, our team of experts and industry leaders, including SardarjiYT, will provide expert advice, guidance, and training to help new Esports players achieve their goals and solve their everyday problems.

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Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your skills, WE ARE ONE is the place to be for all your esports needs. Join us today and let us make your esports dreams a reality!

We Are One Offers various kind of free & paid skill-based esports course, people can use the free esports course through our mobile application.

Make your career in esports and became an esports player, esports coach, esports analyst, esports caster, esports game developer, esports league ops manager & many more.

Are you an Aspiring Esports player? Here’s how We Are One helps

WE ARE ONE provides expert advice and guidance to help new e-sports players achieve their goals and solve problems. If you’re looking to boost your e-sports career, WE ARE ONE is a must!

Certifications Available at We Are One Learning

We Are One offers a variety of certification courses in the gaming and esports industry. These include:

  • Fundamentals of Esports Business
  • Become an Esports Coach & Analyst
  • WR1 Kick Starter
  • Gaming & Esports Certification Course

In a discussion with We Are One learning Founder, Mr. Saurabh M. Said “I am on a mission to make esports accessible, understandable and usable for Indian community because esports have the potential to creative thousand of opportunities for youth.”

Q1. Why did you choose esports?

Ans.- Since  I was in my school and early college days, we used to play online games for our enjoyment. In 205–16, my team was the winner of the Rajasthan inter-college CS Go tournament, but due to career and education, we all left that in 2017. But now esports had a better career option after the success of thousand you tubers and teams.  I find that in upcoming years esports will be a career option and today is the right time to start in esports. 

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Q.2 Can you please explain WER1 Esports?

Ans. We are one platform where you can collaborate with us and find your esports career-related problems. WER1 is an open-source platform for all. Also, WER1 Esports offers various verified discord servers, teams, and sponsors in one place.

Q. 3 Can you please tell us WER1 moto?

Ans. We want to provide a trusted platform where esports can grow more in India. We want to connect teams and servers to the sponsors. Along with that our team is working dedicatedly to finding our new talents and providing them support from WER1 esports. Till now we are funding 7+ underdog teams and support for salary, devices, gadgets, and other things. 

Q.4 Will you settle down in esports?

Ans. Yes, I will settle down in esports. Now my long-term goal is to make a new world of esports in India. 

Q.5 You want to say something to our readers?

If you want to make a career in esports then WER1 Esports will always help you with everything. Join our community if you are interested in esports. We will never let you down.

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