The Best Programs To Record And Edit Gaming Videos

Although the console is on the rise, many gamers still rely on PC for their gaming needs. And as YouTube live streaming and gaming emerges, it demands gamers from content creators. Additionally, services like Twitch and Mixer have created a whole new world for gamers to play games live for a wide audience while engaging with fans. If you aspire to put on a show yourself, it all starts with the right software to capture the game. So, let’s explore the best game recording software apps and video editing apps in the industry.


It allows you to add tabs in your re-encoding or add a bit of slow-motion to your gameplay footage. Also, with a tap on the hotkey, you can take screenshots. And that’s not all. The tool has a green screen mode for any videos that require extra attention. Another interesting feature is the audio system that can record audio in M4A format. And here are some more added features: live audio commentary and high-resolution recording that includes 4K and even 8K video. All in all, this is one tool that does it all just for the Windows community.

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OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an all-in-one game recording solution. The tool allows you to Livestream your gameplay as well as present you with a host of utilities. You can professionally tune your footage with no frame rate limits.

Also, OBS supports all major players like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook live. The only problem with OBS is that it is not that starter-friendly. But it has tons of online tutorials in case you get stuck.

NVIDIA Shadow Play

NVIDIA ShadowPlay may be the best free game recording software. The tool features excellent game streaming as it is integrated into the GPU. And here’s the best part of the GPU-integrated tool: the software won’t use up your system resources to handle the heavy lifting while gaming. Instead, your GPU will do the heavy lifting.

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TunesKit Screen Recorder

Among the many similar programs on the market, TunesKit Screen Recorder is one of the best game capture software that you can try. It allows users to record their computer games with good image and audio quality. Depending on your needs, you can choose to capture system sound or microphone sound simultaneously or separately. Also, it supports many output media formats and devices.

AMD ReLive

In fact, the tool is built into the AMD gaming card on purpose. It’s reasonably fast and includes all the basic recording features at no cost. AMD ReLive lets you split audio tracks, stream your latest game online, or set up an overlay.

The best programs to edit your recorded games

The number of video game fans who dare to retransmit or record the best moments of their gameplays and upload them to the Internet is increasing. We suggested the best programs and devices to record your games in the previous part. But what if you’ve been recording for hours and want to trim? Do you need to edit your videos before uploading them to the Internet?

Many content creators edit their games before making them available to their followers. Simple gameplay is not the same as a walkthrough, an exhaustive tutorial, or a video with the best moments of a game session or a whole month of games. We review some of the best solutions to give your content a plus of quality.

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You’ve already recorded your game (if you don’t know how don’t miss this article ), but before uploading it to your channel, you want to cut some parts and do some editing. Maybe add music or even a few lines of text, images, and a header. Many YouTubers hire editors to make their videos a more professional experience, but you will surely want to do it yourself if you are just starting out. An immense range of possibilities opens before you. For players unfamiliar with the world of editing, the multitude of options can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to be an expert to be able to do what you love best.

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Start with the basics

If you are starting to record your games and create content on the Internet, one of the best recommendations is to focus on what you do, minimizing resources. If you’re looking for a simple edit to cut a few minutes here and there, there are hundreds of programs that can help you with that, and even YouTube’s upload editor allows you to make some adjustments before publishing.

Tools as simple as the Windows 10 Photos app can help you edit your simplest videos. In Photos, you have the possibility to create and edit videos and add music, text, and some simple effects to them. In case you are a Mac user or prefer to edit on your iPad, we recommend you go for iMovie. Apple’s basic editing program is much more than just an application for beginners, and many content creators and even companies use iMovie for their videos on the Internet.

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Free and online programs

In addition to those mentioned above, there are other basic free programs to edit simple videos. One of the best known is Filmora, a simple and cheap program that offers a free version in exchange for including a watermark on your videos. A good alternative is the free version of Lightworks, which allows you to enter more advanced terrain with a multi-platform system that is quite easy to use.

There are other free and simple options from well-known and open source programs such as OpenShot, one of the simplest, Avidemuz, or Blender, one of the most popular animation programs that also allow easy video editing. But there are many more: Shotcut, VSDC, and FlexClip are other examples of simple video editing programs.

And if you just want to edit from anywhere without worrying about installing software, you can always try simple online tools like Powtoon, WeVideo, or Headliner. Yes, this type of program is more designed for short content for social networks than great gameplays for YouTube.

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Do you need a professional solution?

If you want to get the most out of your content, you need a professional video editing program. The sector has evolved a lot in recent years, and you have great tools at your disposal, each of them different depending on your needs. One of the complete suites is still that of Adobe, with Premiere Pro as the star program – an editor that integrates perfectly with other applications from the same package, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, or After Effects. Of course, prepare the portfolio because the monthly payment plans range from 19 to 60 euros per month.

Alternatives to Premiere are numerous, most of them with unique payment plans. Some of the best known are Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio, and Final Cut Pro for Apple systems.

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Something free and professional?

Try DaVinciResolve began life at the turn of the millennium as a color correction and grading solution for professional editors. Over time, it has become one of the main programs of Blackmagic Design until reaching what we know today. DaVinci Resolve is a complete non-linear video editing program suitable for both professionals and amateurs using Windows, Mac, or Linux. And best of all, free! Since DaVinci made a move toward the freeware model, it has become one of the main alternatives for many publishers. Although the free version has some limitations compared to DaVinci Resolve Studio (269), it is more than enough to edit professional videos as long as you do not need to move files in 4Kor 120 fps.

These are just some of the programs that you can use to edit the videos of your games. Every so often, new tools and updates for existing ones come out. There is no excuse not to edit your videos. And remember: the most important thing is you and your content, and editing only adds to the final result.

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