The Rise of Competitive Esports in India

The market of esports and competitive organizations in India has gained popularity over the years, and with the emergence of real money app games like GMNG, Winzo, etc., the number of gamers willing to earn money by playing games has only increased. These apps enable players to win real money and are one of the ways through which competitive esports are getting legitimized, as players have more opportunities to become professionals. Here’s everything you need to know about competitive esports in India and how you can get started today!

Introduction to eSports

Since 2015, Esport revenues have nearly doubled to over $500 million. And now, more than 250 million people are tuning into esports around the world on game streaming sites like Twitch. With its massive audience, big prize money and increasing global recognition from mainstream media outlets and sponsors, esports is starting to look like a viable career path for those interested in gaming. The first real cash app that rewards gamers just for playing video games! Our app works by linking your phone number with several famous video games such as CSGO.

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Indian gamers are on the rise

The Indian esports industry is coming into its own, attracting new companies and players. But with a lot of money on the line—$748 million, up from $256 million last year—serious gamers have a few questions they need answered: Are these real-money apps legit? Can I actually earn money by playing games online?

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Types of esports

The growth and popularity of esports can be attributed to a lot of things, but three specific factors stand out: accessibility, viewership and real money app. First off, you don’t need any special equipment or training; anyone with a device and an internet connection can play these games—and win cash prizes. All that combined with new developments such as GMNG app mean that there are more opportunities for casual players than ever before.

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3 major challenges for esports growth in India

Overcoming a huge language barrier is just one of three major challenges facing competitive esports growth. But as more companies outside India get involved with competitive gaming and bring Indian players on board, it’s going to be easier for everyone to understand each other. Translation services, globalization, and accessibility are all helping to improve our overall ability to communicate with each other. Even if you don’t speak Hindi, your skill at Overwatch or League could help you make new friends from around the world and build connections that will last far beyond an hour-long match.

Opportunities for professional gaming in India

A lot of people play games on their phones—and some even make a lot of money doing it. According to Statista, more than 75 percent of all global game revenue was generated by mobile apps in 2017. For many players, earning real cash by playing free games is a real possibility (with two-thirds of all Indian gamers looking to play competitively). That said, competitive gaming as an industry is still very much emerging (and while no numbers exist specifically for competitive gaming in India, dota2 and csgo are among its most popular esports games). In 2016 alone, according to Statista data cited by The Economic Times , revenue from online mobile gaming worldwide amounted to $37 billion and is expected to hit $50 billion by 2020.

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Future opportunities for brands and players

The real cash app, winzo app and esports organizations like GMNG app allow players to earn real money while they play their favorite games. Top mobile games already reach more than 1 billion active users a month, and these numbers are expected to double by 2021. This massive market has yet to be tapped into by esports brands looking for player sponsorships or endorsements. The potential is nearly limitless; sponsoring a popular player can significantly drive up brand awareness and profits with minimal investment.

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The gaming industry is changing rapidly, thanks to emerging technologies and new age game titles. And now you know that competitive esports can be your ticket to a healthy bank balance. With millions upon millions of people watching competitive gaming all over the world, it’s time for you to grab your chance at becoming a pro player and earning some real cash App playing games online. Good luck!

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