13 Strongest Elves in The Lord Of The Rings

Celebrimbor  Forged The Three Elven Rings of Power

Ingwë Unparalleled Strength & Wisdom

Arondir  A Silvan Elf Created For The Rings Of Power

Elros  The First King Of The Island City Of Númenor

Elrond  Shaped the 3rd age of the Legacy Of Middle-Earth

Glorfindel  Reincarnation As An Emissary For The Valar

Gil-Galad  Gave a tough time to Mordor's Dark Lord

Fëanor  Created The Most Precious Gems 

Galadriel  The Strongest Of All The Elves In Middle-Earth

Ecthelion  Defeated Gothmog, The Overpowered Lord Of The Balrogs

Eärendil  Defeated Ancalagon The Black. Also Ensured Morgoth's Ultimate Defeat

Lúthien  Shamed Sauron And Danced Morgoth Into A Coma

Fingolfin Injured Morgoth more than Seven Times In A Single Battle