Baldur’s Gate 3 Characters List

Gale: The Charismatic Wizard

Gale, with his flowing silver hair and confident demeanor, is a character who effortlessly draws players into his enigmatic world.


Lae’zel: The Fierce Githyanki Warrior

Lae’zel, a Githyanki warrior, stands as a symbol of strength and resilience.


Shadowheart: The Mysterious Cleric

A enigmatic and complex character, Shadowheart is a cleric with a dark past and a guarded demeanor.


Astarion: The Charismatic Vampire Spawn

Astarion, the charismatic and cunning vampire spawn, brings a touch of intrigue and danger to the party.


Wyll: The Noble Warlock

Wyll, a charismatic warlock, is a character marked by his strong sense of justice and his pact with a powerful patron.


Karlach: The Mysterious Figure

Karlach emerges as a central figure, shrouded in mystery and possessing an aura of ancient wisdom.


The Dark Urge: A Sinister Temptation

The Dark Urge represents a force that gnaws at the edges of sanity, compelling characters to embrace their darkest desires and instincts.


Dashed Trail

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