The Coolest Tricks for Nintendo Wii Console

The trailblazing gaming system of all time, Nintendo Wii Console is continued to be loved by many around the world. This launch was revolutionary in many ways. It has a magnetic user-friendly interface that appeals to even the nongamers. The ultimate family console brings together family, and friends and creates great memories always. Innovative and feature-rich —- this console created a whole new league. This console was introduced with internet connectivity for online games and media distribution.

One can play to the fullest with a variety of video games with this console and great accessories created specifically for this console. The Wii console has hundreds of features to enhance your gaming experience.

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Coolest Tricks for Nintendo Wii Console

This is a list of some of the many cool tricks for Wii Console that unleashes its true potential.

  1. Enter your Mii’s in contests: Get your Mii characters to participate in contests and compete with other artists around the world.
  2. Control your Smarthome: using your WiiMote control several functions in your Smarthome.
  3. Share Unlimited Miis: you can distribute as many Miis as you want to the friends connected with you.
  4. Make it DJ equipment: Wiimote is a genius product for many reasons. You can turn it into DJ equipment and become the heart of any party.
  5. Wiimote Curtain Controller: Turn your Wiimote to control the drapes of your room.
  6. Wiitube:  Watch videos created especially for the Nintendo Wii console.
  7. Play movies: Tweak the setting of your Nintendo Wii just a little to play movies on it.
  8. Watch TV and Shows: Browse any tv show or any video site online that showcases TV and watch on-demand television on your system.
  9. Use iTunes: Play great music and podcasts when you access your iTunes library using your Wii Console.
  10. WiiMote to light saber: Are you a Star Wars fan? This one’s for you. You can turn your Wiimote into a lightsaber.
  11. Door Opener: Control your Wiimote to open electronic doors with a single click.
  12.  Button Modification: Modify buttons on your Wiimote according to your preference.
  13. Wireless connectivity: Your Wii Console can be used wirelessly.
  14. Sensor bar: Create a wireless sensor bar for portable gaming on Nintendo WII
  15. Project Wii to Movie screen: using the wireless sensor bar project your Wii into a movie screen
  16. Edit photos: Photo editing is possible on Nintendo Wii
  17. Wiicade: This was created to play arcade games on Nintendo Wii
  18. MiiBoard: Find the flash games which work well with your Wii Console on this board
  19. Play laser tag: You can use your Wiimote to play laser tag with your loved ones.
  20. Rearrange channels: If you have downloaded too many games on your console you can use your Wiimote to rearrange them.
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There are endless possibilities when it comes to the Nintendo Wii console. It’s a great gaming system to invest in when the time comes. You can turn it into something great with your knowledge. Looking to buy one? We know the place for it.

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